The Cryptocurrency world has seen a huge bump in popularity lately. I have no doubt that the Blockchain technology will be a game changer in the tech world. As investing goes this area is the Wild Wild West. Crypto space is largely unregulated for one. This comes with good and the bad but mostly with a word of caution to anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrency. Speculation and volatility are rampant in crypto. “Never invest more than you can afford to lose” is often prefaced in conversations as the new “caveat emptor.” Thefts have happened, manipulation is implied due to low liquidity and capitalization of assets.

What you need to know should you want to invest in cryptocurrency.

1. What is blockchain technology
2. How to determine value
3. Whitepaper
4. Technical analysis
5. News and information

Move over Bull and Bear here come FOMO & FUD, the new cryptocurrency human spirits

To invest successfully into crypto first spend about three months reading up on everything related to crypto and blockchain developments. Crypto is a rapidly growing space with a high risk-reward profile.

BTC- BitCoin, Papa Crypto – the first and oldest crypto. When mentioning crypto to an average person if they even ever heard of it they will most likely only know BTC. Grandfather of crypto with most hash power and over 50%+ market cap of all crypto. BTC serves as a store of value, digital money, and entery point into “Alt coins” Alt coins